Installation Service

If you would like our technical team to install the software on your servers, we can offer an installation service at a one-time cost of £200 per installation (excluding VAT). This price includes all the work required to get your system up and running, including:

  • Installing all system dependencies
  • Installing the application itself
  • Configuring a front-end web server and setting up SSL (if required)
  • Installing & configuring a Postfix mail server to route inbound mail into your application OR configuring a new Deliver account to send mail to your helpdesk.
  • Test the system to ensure key functionality is working as expected.

We can install the software onto whichever hardware you provide (although it must still meet our system requirements). We recommend providing a clean operating system for our team to work with otherwise installation may not be completed successfully.

If you would like to use this service, please purchase your licence as normal and contact for further information.

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