Remote Assistance

If you require assistance from our support team you will need to add our SSH public key to your sirportly user's authorized_keys file and allow our IPs ( and 2a03:2800:300::91) through your firewall.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCyamDGRtBQ8N+RsCkYD1SD0I523EmR+zMAmg7ILdyZMnwoZD+WobmwfzEBvx1kGNxpy3lA/etRx5QS/ZwvLfJJs2+vpRFacTg0mBZ/XocR1cHk5jpBRBeCOdXAFtkroLXE3c3BxKtWi6JnW7XTBCx94cD6x9vRJlQ3ljmfFQWlKWu1HYar+MlpbCaVkur3SZZ9DZm7AF7WiuTmZBg8+mANZilhQ+e8ijPwKyAsPrn2qAfPYhoA1kz4yVVpXyspQeXKosCdwgoXoXFJd65wb+2JErBSBFGv4+Uaiw71v9tcleIUGsO2KLUsg1k/haq3yjNb6jxJgOreoVe0QByWjo8V

The key above should be assigned to your root or sirportly user. Once you have done this, ensure that you include all the information below within your support request:

  • The external IP address of the server where Sirportly is installed
  • The username we should use to authenticate with (if not sirportly)
  • The SSH port (if not 22)
  • The path to your Sirportly installation (if not /opt/sirportly)

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