In order to upgrade your Sirportly installation, you must have a valid and activate maintenance subscription. To check on your account, just login to our website and click on 'My Services' in the customer area.

To upgrade your installation, in particular an older version of Sirportly, you'll need to ensure you have the necessary dependencies installed on the server. Before proceeding with upgrade, you will need to install wget and ruby if they are not already present. These are required to run the installer.

# For Ubuntu or Debian
apt install ruby wget
# For RHEL or CentOS
yum install ruby wget

Once the required dependencies are installed, you can run the commands below on the server where your Sirportly installation is hosted. This will automatically download the latest version, extract it, install or upgrade any dependencies and upgrade your database schema. During the upgrade, you should ensure that Sirportly is not running. It can be started again once the upgrade completes.

The upgrade process required Sirportly to be installed at /opt/sirportly.

$ systemctl stop sirportly*
$ wget sirportly.com/install/installer.rb -O installer.rb
$ ruby installer.rb upgrade

It is recommended that you reboot the server after the installation completes, to ensure that the software has fully restarted.

If you haven't upgraded your installation for some time, you may find that system requirements have changed since you last did so. Please contact us if you have difficulty completing an upgrade.

Reindexing your data

The search system in Sirportly stores all searchable data in an index. This index is kept up to date automatically when the system is running however you may have occasion to re-index all the data in your database. Some upgrades will mean that a reindex is necessary however you will be notified in the new version notification e-mail if this is required.

RAILS_ENV=production /opt/sirportly-deps/ruby-2.5.7/bin/ruby /opt/sirportly/app/script/reindex.rb

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